Robert McAnderson

Robert McAndersonRobert McAnderson has over 35 years sales and marketing experience, with a strong emphasis on Internet Strategy, Website Visibility, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Online Advertising.

Robert has researched the effectiveness of thousands of websites and used the findings to formulate an exceptionally strong understanding of how to improve website’s visibility on the internet.

While he acknowledges the importance of SEO as a fundamental tool designed to improve a website’s visibility he also understands its limitations. With thousands of websites competing for one of 10 spaces on page one of any Google keyword search, Robert has come to understand the foolishness of this process.

Google are constantly changing their SEO algorithms in an effort to hold market leadership but seem to have lost perspective when it comes to their founding principles of delivering highly relevant websites to the keyword that was searched.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or Google AdWords, once touted as a fast track method of securing a page one ranking, has lost its way and is today offering the same result for 21% higher costs or 21% less for the same investment.

In his book, DNO (Domain Name Optimisation) the SEO Revolution Robert outlines an alternative internet strategy to SEO and SEM that focuses on high value keywords and a unique method of securing multiple keyword page one rankings that will dramatically increase website visitor numbers and sales enquiries.

Domain Name Optimisation Internet Strategies not only increase traffic numbers, they measure the traffic source, identify the visitor, rank the visitor as a prospective customer, push the sales lead into a CRM software program and assign the sales lead.

The solution is further used to initiate regular communications designed to push the prospective customer back to a website-landing page that is designed to further qualify the customer’s interest and convert prospective customers into high priority sales leads.

These full circle internet strategies increase website sales, reduce the sales cycle and provide the ROI website owners have been seeking for decades.

Position: General Manager

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Phone: 61  2 8061 4556


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