5 September 2013


 September 5, 2013

The Big Question everyone should be asking is “What is Google Hiding” and for those who don’t care, “what is Google going to do with what they are hiding”?

The answer is simple, “Information” and the answer to the second question is, they intend to sell it back to you and make an obscene amount of profit in the process.

They are collecting information about what we do on the internet, what keywords we search, what pages we visit, how long we spend surfing the internet, what devices we use, types of browsers, demographic breakdowns, mobile technology used and any other Information they can turn into an endless cash stream.

Some of my readers will remember my article on Google’s change to “https://” whereby they started to withhold vital keyword information from website owners and SEO specialists. Google Holds The SEO Market to Ransom

Others will remember my article on how Google are using “Google Author Rank” to blackmail website owners into using Google+ – their socially defunct Social Media product offering.

While others may have read my article on the “Accuracy of Google’s Keyword Research Tool“.

Well it may come as no surprise that Google has now removed their Keyword Research Tool from their site and replaced it with Keyword Planner.

The significant difference between the two product offerings boils down to this, the Keyword Research Tool identifies the number of times specific and related keywords are searched on a global and national basis each month. This information is invaluable for any company looking to better understand the keywords used to search for products/services offered by their website.

Users were able to download a CSV file that listed keyword search volumes that could be ranked highest to lowest and determine the best keyword combinations to use on their website. From an SEO perspective, this information is invaluable, it’s like having the combination to the safe.

In contrast the Keyword Planner is nothing more than a means of turning Google’s keyword database into a tool to sell more keywords to Google AdWords customers. From an SEO perspective the Keyword Planner offers very limited value and while it still comes in a downloadable CSV file format, the report only includes the keywords entered. Google’s intuitive associated keywords have been excluded from the final report.

The image below is a copy of a Keyword Planner search for three keywords, Marketing, Google and AdWords. Clearly, there is one focus and one focus only associated with this CSV file, to sell Google AdWords and drive revenue growth for Google.

Google Keyword Planner

The image below is from Google Keyword Research Tool and is a report any SEO specialist would consider to be of great value. This report is 600 lines deep.

Google Keyword Research Tool

Finally, let me talk about Google Analytics. Great product, great reporting structure but stop and think for a minute how Google is using this information to increase the keyword pricing for their AdWords product and the depth of information they are collecting from all internet activity.

If you have a Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Gmail, Google+ or YouTube account and you are logged on while searching the internet, Google tracks and records every keyword you search, page you visit and action you take. Not in the cookies stored on your computer, instead they drag this information back onto their servers.

Google’s take on this from Alma Whitten, “Our new privacy policy makes it clear that if you’re signed in, we may combine information you’ve provided from one service with information from other services. In short, we’ll treat you like a single user across all products, which will mean a simple, more intuitive Google experience.”

They state that it makes using the internet simple for you because the intuitive part is using your history to predict what you are looking for and to present this information faster! At least that is what they would have you believe. Me I just look at the volume of data they are collecting on all internet users and the different Google sources this data comes from. What I do know is all this data in being merged into one large database and is going to be used by Google to generate revenue.

So, what is Google Hiding? Information.

And how are they going to turn it into an endless cash flow?

If you want to make a person hungry deny them food, if you want to make them desperate deny them food for a long period of time. When Google are ready to launch their next product offering to the market their customers will pay anything for the information that guarantees them a stranglehold on page one rankings.

Google SEO will dominate 80% of each search page and turn the organic SEO section into an alternative AdWords section.

What can you do to stop them? Individually you would have to believe nothing, they own too much market share to stop using them or dismiss them outright.

However, just like they are denying you access to information that allows you to make the most out of your internet marketing efforts, you can deny them the information they need to collect before they can sell it back to you.

  • If you have a Gmail account, cancel it and open a Hotmail account instead.
  • If you run Google Analytics, remove the code from your website and use Woopra instead.
  • If you have a Google+ account, cancel it, none of your friends are using it anyway.
  • If you use Google to search, stop and use Bing instead.
  • If you use Google Adwords, stop because it’s a cost that will result in you working for Google while your bills go unpaid.

If you don’t want to do any of these things then at the very least make sure you have logged out of your Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Gmail, Google+ and YouTube accounts before you start using the internet.

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